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Red Carpet Inn Biloxi Ms

red carpet inn biloxi ms

    red carpet
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    biloxi ms
  • Biloxi (, ) is a city in Harrison County, Mississippi, in the United States. The 2000 census recorded the population as 50,644, although the 2008 Census Estimate placed the population at 45,670. Along with Gulfport, Biloxi is a county seat of Harrison County.

  • Inns are generally establishments or buildings where travelers can seek lodging and, usually, food and drink. They are typically located in the country or along a highway.

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red carpet inn biloxi ms - The Seafood

The Seafood Capital of the World: Biloxi's Maritime History (MS)

The Seafood Capital of the World: Biloxi's Maritime History (MS)

Predating even colonial America, Biloxi was established for its welcoming gulf shore--both a home for traders and a beacon for explorers of the mainland. Geography made Biloxi a historic maritime hub of trade and travel; the seafood industry made it a vibrant, thriving community. Thanks to the efforts of a variety of diverse ethnic groups, Biloxi was dubbed the "Seafood Capital of the World" at the turn of the twentieth century. By the 1920s, there were more than forty seafood factories occupying two bustling cannery districts. Cajuns with deep ties to the region, industrious Croatian immigrants and hardworking Vietnamese emigres all contributed to Biloxi's seafood industry. Through the Civil War, devastating hurricanes and shifting economies, these hard-fishing families have endured, building Biloxi and forming its character.

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1868 Tomb in Biloxi MS

1868 Tomb in Biloxi MS

This photo was taken at the Biloxi MS cemetary. It was the final resting place of a German immigrant who was interred there in 1868. When Katrina wrecked havoc on the Mississippi coast, even the dead weren't spared of her wrath. Apparently, Katrina disinterred a bunch of bodies/caskets and deposited them on the beach (according to Biloxi resident who was there to see it). The shore is right across the street from the cemetary. Bodies had to be identified and reinterred which is why some of the tombs in the cemetary look new even though the dates on them go way back.

While driving through the cemetary, this particular tomb stopped me right in my tracks. Two things came to mind when I took the photo; 1. Katrina was ruthless and spared no one or nothing that stood in her way and 2. sadness that this poor guy's tomb wasn't rebuilt like the rest that were. If I had the money, I'd probably have it rebuilt on my dime, A person's final resting place should never look like that.

Biloxi, MS Light House 1952

Biloxi, MS Light House 1952

Biloxi MS Lighthouse; Hwy 90 Beach Blvd., 1952 south east of Porter Ave

red carpet inn biloxi ms

red carpet inn biloxi ms

Maritime Biloxi (MS) (Images of America)

Site of the landing of Pierre LeMoyne Sieur d'Iberville in February 1699 and the birthplace of the French colony la Louisiane, Biloxi has been nurtured by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for more than three hundred years. Located almost due north of the mouth of the Mississippi, on a coast laced with small rivers, bays, and bayous, the historic peninsula city owes much of its fortune and growth to the bountiful waters and pleasant salt-air ambiance of the Mississippi Sound. Although Biloxi garnered its earliest fame as a seaside antebellum resort, the arrival of the railroad in 1870 led to the meteoric rise of a seafood industry which, by the end of the nineteenth century, had allowed the city to lay legitimate claim to the title "Seafood Capital of the World." Since the 1880s, a large Biloxi fishing fleet has harvested the Mississippi Sound and adjacent Gulf waters, keeping the city's seafood among the most highly prized in the nation. Today, a bustling new casino gaming industry, resort hotels, and myriad outdoor recreational activities have promoted the city to a world class tourist and retirement destination.

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